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Fresh sandwich with Truffle Perlage®, fresh Tuna and Butter.

SIGNED BY Marcello Trentini - Magorabin 

First, toast the bread for few minutes. Spread the butter on the bread. Cut the tuna in small dices (as “carpaccio”) and put it into the bread. Finally complete the recipe with a generous teaspoon of Tartuflanghe Truffle Perlage®.


Truffle Perlage®  30g

Fresh tuna 100g

Butter 20g


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Tartuflanghe Truffle Perlage



Marcello Trentini was born in Turin in 1971 and has always considered cooking his favorite inspiration. After graduating from the academy of “Belle Arti” Marcello follow his dream and starts his career in the kitchens of the restaurants in Turin. Magorabin restaurant open in 2003. This restaurant immediately became his creative laboratory to put into practice what is now called the cuisine of contrasts or “surf’n’turf”. In 2008 he joined the JRE Association and in 2012 he was awarded with 1 Michelin star.


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