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  • White truffle label

    White truffle label

    In Italy, several species of truffle grow, some more valuable and rarer, others more common. The differences between truffles lie in the colour of the skin (peridium), the colour of the inner zone (glebe) as well as in the taste...

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  • The truffle history - 1700 to 1900

    The truffle history - 1700 to 1900

    In the 1700’s the Piedmontese truffle was considered, by all European courts, to be delicacy of choice. Truffle hunting became court entertainment, during which, guests and foreign ambassadors in Turin were invited to participate. Possibly for this reason the use...

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  • The truffle history - 1600 B.C to1600

    The truffle history - 1600 B.C to1600

    The first testimonies come from the diet of the Sumerian people and from the time of Jacob the Patriarch, around 1600 – 1700 B.C. The ancient Greeks called it Hydnon (from which “hydnology” is derived, that is the science of...

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  • The summer truffle

    The summer truffle

    Are you aware that there are many Black Truffle varieties in the world? But only a few are considerably valuable Black Truffle botanical species by the gastronomical point of view. The most common of Black Truffle species is the Tuber...

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  • Fettuccine Alfredo

    Fettuccine Alfredo

    Are you aware that many people in Italy do not know the dish “Fettuccine Alfredo”? Particularly interesting is the story of the Fettuccine Alfredo, a dish that takes its name after the restaurateur Alfredo Di Lelio, whom in 1927 proposed...

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  • White truffle on the label

    White truffle on the label

    In Italy different truffle species are born, some being more precious and rarer, others being more commonplace. The differences among truffles lay in the skin color (peridium), in the color of the internal area (glebe) as well as for the...

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