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Truffle Pasta & Truffle Eggs: All you needs. Truffle Dinner in 15 min

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This could be your tonight's menu

  • Home made Tagliolini eggs pasta with truffle
  • Favorite style truffle eggs


The box contains:

1 box of Tartufissima tagliolini truffle egg pasta n°18

1 jar of Truffle slices in olive oil 3.17 Oz


Tagliolini Truffle Pasta

Cook the Tartufissima truffle pasta for 3-4 minutes in 2 lt of hot boiling water, adding 0,75Oz of salt . Drain the pasta and toss it in a saucepan with 2 Oz of butter* and 1 Oz of grated Parmigiano cheese*. Serve it while hot!


Truffle Eggs

Cook your favorite style eggs*, topping them with the truffle slices 

*ingredients not included in the box