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Hot & Spicy is not a taste but a sensation.

We like this sensation on the palate of which capsaicin, the active ingredient present in the chili varieties (plants of the genus Capsicum), is responsible, causing the pleasant hint of pungency and heat on the tip of the tongue, where the spicy receptors reside.


Acacia honey and freeze-dried Italian white truffle slices 200g with a mix of chili pepper extracts characterized by the smoky and bitter notes of the Cayenne.

An exquisite accompaniment to aged and blue cheese, the ideal condiment for creating salad dressing, it is also perfect for glazing or marinating pork, duck and chicken meat.

Try it in your cocktails.

Ingredients: Acacia honey 98%, chilli extracts (Cayenne, Capsicum) 1%, freeze-dried Italian white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) 0,05% (like 0,3% of fresh truffle), natural flavor. 

The product doesn’t contain allergens - The product doesn’t contain GMO


Hot and Spicy Truffle Red Sauce.  140ml

Tasty spicy sauce made with tomato, sweet and spicy peppers and enriched with summer truffle juice. Excellent as an accompaniment to meats, grills, potatoes, chips and nachos and finger food.

Ingredients: water, sweet and spicy pepper concentrate 20%, sugar, white wine vinegar, double tomato concentrate, summer truffle juice (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) 3%, olive oil, salt, corn starch, natural flavor, garlic powder, thickener: Xanthan gum, carrot and hibiscus concentrate, maltodextrin, black pepper.

 The product doesn’t contain allergens, the product doesn’t contain GMO.


Hot and Spicy White Truffle Oil 100ml

100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, freeze-dried Italian white truffle slices and a mix of chili pepper extracts, among which the pleasant smoky note of the chipotle and the fruity and vegetable taste of the habanero stand out.

Excellent seasoning for hot and cold dishes: pasta, pizza, meat, fish, eggs, salads, vegetables, sushi, sashimi, fresh or smoked salmon, meat or fish carpaccio and tartare, croutons and canapés.

1 teaspoon per serving is the ideal quantity to flavor your recipes.

Ingredients: Italian extra virgin olive oil, chilli pepper extracts (chipotle, habanero, capsicum), freeze dried Italian white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), natural flavor

The product does not contain allergens. - The product does not contain GMO