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“If you say Truffle, you think of Alba. Of course.”

The hills around the capital of the Langhe have always represented the world’s most important treasure chest of the «diamond of the earth», the White Truffle ( Tuber Magnatum Pico) also named after Alba.

It must have been the pedoclimatic conditions characterized by the perfect balance between humidity and low rainfall; the marly and calcareous soils with a slight presence of sand; the location, near the 45° parallel, at the heart of the temperate zone, halfway between the Pole and the Equator. Or perhaps it is the

plants and the morphological conformation of the hills that form shady and humid ravines, separated by small rivers, which enable proper root development that is symbiotic with truffle spores.

Yet, Alba’s prominence for truffles is something more, something alchemical.

A complex combination between nature’s bright spontaneity and man’s equally keen imagination. A bond that has created the conditions for Truffle to find its true culinary glorification only here, expressing its pure potential together with other specialties of the Langhe – hazelnuts, wine, honey, meat and cheeses.

Tartuflanghe is rooted in this intricate union between spontaneity and technical expertise, natural quality and culinary processing.

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Cuisine and nature, purity and art, fruits of the earth and man’s hard work. A bond also recognized by UNESCO, which declared the hills of the Langhe as a  World Heritage Site in 2014 and, a few years later, has included Alba as a  Creative City for Gastronomy: the highest international recognition for culinary creativity, the result of the affinity between the excellences of the territory and man’s capability to enhance them throughout the entire food and wine chain.