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Contemporary gastronomic creativity

Since 1975 we have been contributing to the development of gastronomic creativity.

We proudly hail from Alba, and this has led us to envision Truffle in unconventional forms, styles and use.

An ingredient that was placed “on” tagliatelle pasta, but that we have put “inside” it.A product that could only last for a few days, and that we have freeze-dried. Something savored by few, so we provided it for everyone to enjoy in all occasions: from refined gourmet dishes to simple moments of pleasure.

The excellent management of production and processing has enabled us to establish a special bond with the world of haute cuisine, which we help innovate through constant research and development in our artisan laboratories.

Our story began in 1968, in Alba, when Beppe Montanaro opened a restaurant specializing in mushroom and truffles, which would later lead him to develop a new business idea: establishing Tartuflanghe in 1975 in Piobesi d’Alba, together with his wife Domenica.

Since then, our passion for this local ingredient, the Alba White Truffle, has prompted us to create other products weaved with exceptional synergy, yet still faithful to tradition.

Today, we cultivate more than 20 hectares of truffle grounds between Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, and from these wooded lands our trifolao daily harvest truffles that, once at the company, are checked one by one, selected and classified according to their sensorial and aesthetic characteristics. The best fresh truffles are shipped all over the world, and some of them, thanks to processes created by the Tartuflanghe team, generate new and innovative products.

Our products, from salty to sweet ones, have been awarded in major international competitions, and have even gone into space. 

“Meanwhile, we continue to experiment, constantly searching for the perfect taste and the absolute sensorial experience”