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Truffle is not invented, but it can be re-imagined, transporting the essence of its scent beyond the frontiers of flavor

It   takes   courage,   determination,   and   a   bit   of   madness.   But   also,   constant   commitment   to   product innovation without bearing any type of prejudice, capable of combining tradition and the most advanced technologies available, yet fully respecting the raw material.

This is how Tartuflanghe’s most visionary recipes came to be: capable of completely changing the use of truffles in cooking and opening up new dimensions of gastronomic creativity in close collaboration with

haute   cuisine,   which   embraces   Tartuflanghe’s   solutions   and   participates in   the   creation   and experimentation of new dishes.

Truffle Perlage® is the spherified truffle made by extracting truffle juice and transforming it into spheres similar to caviar. A product awarded at the Grand Prix Tendances et Innovation in Paris as the best innovative product in the world.

NoH2O®   Freeze-dried   truffle is   the   most   advanced   system   for   the natural   preservation   of   precious truffles in the world: a cryodesiccation process capable of maintaining the organoleptic, nutritional and aromatic characteristics   of   fresh   truffle   which   releases   its   scent   once rehydrated, as   if   it   was   freshly picked.

“To the frontiers of flavor, and beyond”

Avant-garde processes such as spherification, encapsulation and freeze-drying are some of the production operations   at   the   foundation   of   the   new Tartuflanghe   products,   certified   Italian   specialties   that   are surprisingly versatile, with pure flavors and different shapes. This philosophy created freeze-dried pesto, fruit, vegetables and cheeses, a technique utilized in the most important Michelin-starred restaurants in the world and also for the preparation of freeze-dried meals for space. The same technique is also used for truffle chips and snacks, the latest and most ambitious challenge for Tartuflanghe: to offer everyone the essence of flavor, because excellent flavors are not a privilege, but a moment of absolute pleasure that must be shared with everyone.