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White Alba truffle freeze dried - Limited Edition (from 1,10 Lb of fresh white truffle)

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$5,000.00 - $5,000.00
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The best slices of Tuber Magnatum Pico, the precious White Alba Truffle.

  • Slices selected one by one by our expert
  • Harvest season 2020
  • Origin of the truffle: Langhe & Roero area
  • Produced in 12 Jars only
  • Available in "Tartuflanghe shop" only

An elegant jar with 85 grams of freeze-dried product, equal to half a kilogram of fresh product (1.10 Lb)

The average price of the authentic fresh White Alba Truffle in 2020 was 5500,00€/Kg

A unique product, a gift that allows you to savor the precious White Truffle over time.

Serve the freeze-dried Truffle at the end of the preparation, as you would do with the fresh truffle. In order to taste it at its best, crumble it on your warm dishes and wait 2-3 minutes, so that the humidity of the dish hydrates the truffle and its unique flavor can be released better. Try it on any kind of pasta, especially with egg pasta dressed with butter, oil or a cheese sauce, on risotto, vegetable soups, cheese fondue, eggs, potatoes and all dishes that go well with the fresh truffle.

We suggest that you use the product with delicate recipes, in order to enhance the truffle flavor at its best.