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Fresh White Alba Truffle - Origin: ITALY

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The Alba White Truffle, or Tuber Magnatum Pico, is universally considered the most prized type of truffle, it is appreciated all over the world for its intense and enveloping scent and its inestimable culinary qualities. 

This Truffle has a round shape, but it is also flat and irregular, with a pale yellow peridium, or even ochre.
Alba White Truffle has an internal pulp called "gleba", crossed by numerous and very ramified white veinings, shows different shades of colour: from milk to deep pink to brownish. Sizes are variable.

It’s being hunted from the autumn (end of September), until the winter (end of December), 

The dimensions changes according to the period in which the white truffle is harvested and according to the state of ripeness, the size can vary from 2 to 9 cm.

Alba White Truffle has an intense compound aroma of garlic, hay, wet earth, honey, mushroom and spices. His flavor is very pleasant.


Alba White Truffle goes well with simple dishes, not too elaborated, with delicate taste.

Cleaning a truffle, which needs to be carried out just a few minutes before its use, must take place under cold running water, with a help of a toothbrush for a more in-depth cleaning.
How about cooking it?
It is very simple: White Truffle should not be cooked, it should be served raw, cut with the truffle-slicer into thin slices, on either hot or cold dishes.

Its aroma is particularly enhanced if used on eggs.
Try it with egg pasta, risotto, cheese fondue, raw meat carpaccio and cold mushroom salad.

Best matches?
Any kind of eggs, egg pasta, risotto, both meat and fish tartare and carpaccio, white fish fillets, shellfish, soups, potatoes and vegetables.

Fresh Alba White truffles will keep 5 to 7 days when wrapped in a paper towel or moisture absorbent cloth and stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator (35/40 °F)

The truffle should remain dry for the best quality and flavor.

We manage the best quality in small quantities as we collect local truffle 

  • Truffles are shipped out from Monday to Wednesday.
  • Shipment: usually the box is delivered in 2 days
  • We do not ship  APO/FPO addresses or PO BOX
  • Our fresh truffles can stay up to 1 week if kept into a refrigerator at 37.5°F (3°C) in the correct way.
  • Replace the paper towel regularly to prevent moisture build-up as the fungus will naturally release moisture as it is stored.
  • We reccomend to enjoy it as soon as possbile, within 3-5 days from receiving
  • Fresh truffle are shipped separately from others products.
  • Numbers of units depending from the hunt of the day